Brandon Townsend, USA- Professional Fighter

Brandon Townsend

“The best part, no more back and knee pain in the morning. It’s been one of those things that’s held me back so much over the years. I’d generally have to skip morning sessions and watch out how many sessions I’d do a day. This last training camp I was doing an average of 5 sessions a day. I felt fine.”
-Brandon Townsend

What was your situation before working with Max?
I came to Max as a tight, beat up martial artist with over a decade of wear and tear on my joints. I have little to no flexibility in the majority of my body, a situation I shouldn’t have been in as a 19 year old who was just starting their pro career.

What was the core problem you wanted to solve?
My flexibility and mobility were my biggest road blocks.

Were you reluctant about anything?
I came to max seeing his experience through social media and recognizing how talented he was at making the human body perform better, so I was completely open to all he had to offer.

What results did you get from the program?
Besides feeling like a 19 year old now instead of an old man, my performance on the mats and in the cage has spoken for itself. Not only did I fix a lot of my problems that were due to flexibility, but I also have more spatial awareness now, making me an all around better athlete.

What specific feature did you like most about the program?
I enjoyed the connection max makes with you as a client; he really makes sure you’re taking an approach best for you. Anytime I told him something didn’t feel right, he adjusted it and made sure that I was staying injury free. Having been coached by some of the best coaches in the world, this trait has been the same through them all.

Would you recommend it? If so, why?
I would recommend it to everyone. Not just athletes, but anyone wanting to understand their body better, how to use it, and how to keep it pain free

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I’d like to point out that while max is a super knowledgeable coach, he has no ego. Most of the time when you see someone hurt due to a program designed by a trainer, it’s because the trainer can’t admit when he/she was wrong. The second I come to max and tell him something hurts, he fixes it. He doesn’t act as if I’m the problem and rattle off the time worn “It works for everyone” speech. He’s very big on individualization and working with his clients. He has helped me progress more physically in the time I’ve been working with him than I have in a lifetime of training.

Justin Bauer, USA – Former competitive gymnast and Engineer
Justin making some serious hamstring flexibility gains! Closing in on the head to toe!
Justin making some serious hamstring flexibility gains! Closing in on the head to toe!

I had the pleasure of meeting Max through a few common hashtags on Instagram. Shortly after making this connection, I realized that he was a younger, smarter, and more talented version of myself. Since we met in the summer of 2015, we’ve become good friends and communicate very frequently. I would highly recommend following/working with Max if you’re interested in achieving your own body’s potential.

Out of anyone I know, I consider Max the subject matter expert when it comes to flexibility and mobility. His analytical training methods have unlocked new ranges of motion that I previously thought were unreachable. Outside of the mobility realm, Max is very knowledgeable on bodyweight strength reps, sets, progressions and much more- he has even been a fantastic guest on www.thebauerhour.com podcast! In closing, I highly recommend “The Amateur Acrobat” to anyone interested in obtaining body mastery.
-Justin Bauer

Shahul Hameed, UK- Capoeirista and Production Scientist

Shahul Hameed

What was your situation before you working with Max?
Being very inflexible and possessing a lack of mobility has always been an issue with me since I started doing sports. The situation became worse when I did bodybuilding from age 21 to 23. Lot of isolation exercises resulted in lack of mobility. I started doing capoeira at the age of 27 and realized I need to do something about it.
I was always strong in a lot of positions however the lack of ROM was a massive limitation when it came to do some cool capoeira stuff. So my focus from the online coaching was to be more flexible along with the strength needed to perform the moves.

What was the core problem you wanted to solve?
My core problem was the back bridges especially shoulder mobility and tight lats.

Were you reluctant about anything?
Reluctant about too much time that trainers ask for when training someone for mobility. Will a full time 9 to 6 job it was looking quite impossible as I train capoeira 3 times a week along with conditioning for the rest of the days.

What results did you get from the program?
My back bends and shoulders are becoming more mobile along with the right strength and there continues to be progress every day. I will share the photos soon.

What specific feature did you like most about the program?
The best feature of the program was that it was structured specifically for my issue cutting all the unnecessary exercise and routines and making it tailored to fit my time and needs. Maximillian is very prompt and responsive with queries and messages and never tells you he is busy, even though he is with his studies and stuff outside training people. He is patient young man with a genuine interest to train people and help achieve their results.

Would you recommend it? If so, why?
I definitely recommend the online training for someone short on time and busy with many things, Maximilian will be able to come up with a solution that will fit your time and needs.

Patrick Hartin, Germany- Soccer Player and Movement Enthusiast

Patrick Hartin Handstand

I’ve been a soccer player for about 13 years now, so I am quite inflexible. Researching was very hard for me because I had lots to do for school etc. I needed help, so I started my own Instagram account to maybe find some by looking at other profiles. I knew the basics of bodyweight training and was good on the rings, my frustrating points were becoming more flexible and learning a handstand. I had trained towards a handstand for over a year before, but my results were anything but good.

So I got to know Max. On the one hand he was doing very good handstands and was also able to perform a middle split. On the other hand he was one of the only people out there offering serious help! I sent him progress videos of my handstands, and the further I got the more he started motivating me, showing me new sources and new progressions. His help resulted in me learning easily; when I hit a good day I’m even able to perform 20-30 second handstands now. It took me about 3 months. I’m traveling the world currently, so it’s hard to stretch daily because I’m spending hours and hours sitting in a car losing my flexibility. But even here he helped me develop a solid routine which is easy to fulfill everyday and still amazingly progressive! So within 3 months I was able to do a decent handstand, and I’m just on my way to touching my toe with my head. I really liked Max’s friendly and personal way of teaching, which made it very easy to stick to the exercises and keep going, despite being over 25000 kilometers away.

So I’d like to thank him for his help. I’m looking forward to more cooperation and progress.