Online Coaching

My online coaching service is only available to serious individuals who are motivated to improve their skills and practice tenfold. Those individuals are the ones I work with and spend my limited time on. If that sounds like you, and you are ready to level up, then you’ve come to the right place.

I can help you with a variety of elements from skill work (handstands, acrobatics, muscle-ups, V-sit/manna, etc.) to developing physical qualities (strength, flexibility, joint integrity, etc.)

(Don’t believe my stuff is legit? Check out some testimonials from past and current students.)

What I need from you:

Contact Info: Name, Facebook Friend Request, Email.
Background: A quick summary of your previous movement experience (if any).
Goals: Your most important, specific goals.
Current Training: What you are currently doing to achieve those goals (if anything).
Current Level: Preferably a video of your current skills, attempts at skills, level of strength/flexibility. Include anything you feel will be helpful in my analysis. If you can’t put together a full video you can just send me clips of your training instead.

Video Consult- $39

In depth analysis: I analyze and breakdown the skill(s)/method(s) and show you exactly where the problem lies.
Explanation: Everything you need to know about the skill/method, important concepts, standards to strive to, mechanics, theory, etc.
Solution: It’s not always the same for everyone; I provide an individualized approach to the problem, specific to YOU. Sometimes results are immediate, other times it takes a bit of focused effort.

The video consult is great if you are having trouble with one or a couple particular skills. I can provide great critique/feedback and better explain important cues from the video you send to me prior to the session.

This is a one hour video consultation in which we can also discuss your background, your physiology, goals, training schedule, exercises, important concepts, shortcuts, etc. The consult is via Skype.

You are also welcome to follow up and ask any questions you may have or did not ask; I take your results very seriously and want you to get the most out of your consult.

Online Coaching- $99/month

Results, results, results! This is a great option for those that want more immediate gains and a lot of support/guidance to back that.

For a month you get:
Consultations: video, phone, messaging
Personal YouTube Video Instruction: Private videos to demonstrate exercises, concepts, etc
Custom Programming: If necessary I will provide individualized training plans to direct the bulk of your practice, sets/reps, rest, suggested frequency, etc
Unlimited Video Feedback: Analysis of technique for guidance
Text Messaging: For quick questions/feedback/thoughts

This service is very sincere, don’t be surprised if we become great friends and end up working together again in the future!

(Don’t believe my stuff is legit? Check out some testimonials from past and current students.)